Around the World in 80 Days The Characters

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The style of this production allows for theatre groups to cross gender many of the nonsinging roles. As it has a very high comic style, female members of a company can play roles such as Captain Speedy, Mr Oysterpuf and Reverend Wilson etc. as ‘gentlemen’. It has many roles and can also be presented in a way that is suitable for all groups with a high volume of female members. It is all down to the comic characters they can play. False beards and moustaches will add to the humorous quality of the piece. Bandits, servants, townspeople, natives are all interchangeable regarding speaking roles.

Main Characters and Suggested Doubling

Phileas Fogg

Phileas Fogg
40 years old. The epitome of the British stiff upper lip. Stoic, reserved. Upright and gentlemanly. Politeness embodied. Rational, calm, generous and with complete self-control. Unfazed by anything. Totally centred on one thing – proving that the world can be traversed in eighty days.


30 years old. Wily French valet of Fogg.
Acrobatic, physical.
Comical. Honest, exudes warmth.
Brave. Flamboyant. Excitable and resourceful.
He is fiercely loyal to his master.

Inspector Fix

Inspector Fix
50 years old. Single minded, dyed-in-the-wool old school policeman. East End cockney. Comical in his unshakable belief that Fogg is the robber of the Bank of England.
Proud of his reputation as a tenacious man of the law. His motto – I always get my man. Easily frustrated.


20 -30 years old. Parsee Indian princess. Educated in England. Demure. Sometimes displays a quiet strength. Beautiful and emotional.
Caring, thoughtful and loyal. She grows to love Fogg for his kind heart and care.

Gauthier Ralph
50-60 years old. Pronounced ‘Rafe’. Director of the Bank of England. Portly. Old school British. Full of gout, senior member of the club. Proud.
Suggested doubling:
Brig.Gen. Sir Francis Cromarty 50 years old. Gilbert and Sullivan’s Major General. Archetypal Upper Class Englishman.

Andrew Stuart
45-55 years old. An engineer. Pessimistic, sneering, slightly slimy. The chief disbeliever. Upper class. Thin and willowy.
Suggested doubling:
John Bunsby 45-55 years old. A salty seadog. The sea is his home. Ravished by sea related accidents. Eye patch, peg leg... you name it, he has it.
Captain Speedy 50 years old. Irascible. Salty sea dog. Red faced and hot tempered.

Elder Hitch

Elder Hitch
40 years old. High and mighty. A preacher.
Suggested doubling:
Judge Obadiah 50 years old. Irritable. Thinks he is always in the right. Suspicious of everyone. A little addled.
Thomas Flanagan 45-55 years old. A brewer. Irish. Brawny, red cheeked and strong. Down to earth.


60 years old. A backwoodsman. Fully bearded and grizzly. Kind hearted.
Suggested doubling:
John Sullivan
40 years old. A banker. Upper class. Immaculate and precise.
Mr Oysterpuf 35-45 years old. Long suffering clerk of the court. Knows he will always be in the wrong even if he is in the right with Judge Obadiah. Wants an easy life.

Samuel Fallentin
40 years old. A banker. Good natured. Down to earth.
Suggested doubling:
Col. Stamp Proctor 40-50 years old. Hell-raising, southern states soldier. Goatee beard. Likes his whiskey. Easily provoked and ferocious. Staunchly true to those he respects.

Mr Carstairs
55 years old. The Head of the Servants’ Labour Union. Very Upper class. Upright. The epitome of the manservant.

35 years old. Mr Fogg’s ex-butler. Put upon. A man pushed to his limits. Retains some of his upright demeanour but is a broken man.

20 upwards. A butler. Quite upright and upper class.

20 upwards. A maid. Cockney and quite cheeky.

18 upwards. Female. As a young boy. South Asian Indian Elephant driver. He is wily and clever. Becomes loyal to Mr Fogg. Almost a tour guide.

High Priestess of Kali
30 upwards. A fearsome bloodthirsty creature. A banshee.

20 upwards. Elder Hitch’s First wife.

20 upwards. Elder Hitch’s Second wife.

Blue Lotus
30-40. A femme fatale. Beautiful, sexy, alluring. Wicked. Seductress.

Rev. Wilson
Any age. Typical English country vicar.