Tails of Hamelin - Synopsis

‘Haunting notes that flood the heavens
Calling forth a lullaby
As the town is sleeping softly
Then the Piper passes by’

When the happy tourist trap of Hamelin has its revenues curbed by an invasion of pesky rats, a mysterious musician arrives to strike up a deal with the wily mayor and turn the town on its head.

Tails of Hamelin takes in a cornucopia of musical styles from rock to Latin American, from Motown to Broadway and proves that honesty is the best policy as the Mayor and his greedy town pay the ultimate price.

From the team that brought you Peter Pan the British Musical, A Christmas Carol, Through the Looking Glass, The Adventures of Mr Toad and Around the World in 80 Days, this modern, witty, sung-through re-telling of the Pied Piper legend shows just what happens when promises are broken.

‘If you don’t pay the piper now, boy, you’re gonna dance to a different tune.’

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