Through the Looking Glass - The Characters

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Alice in Wonderland

11 years old - A typical child of this age.
Curious, bewildered, she learns what it is to be an adult, growing with every encounter.
Inquisitive. Likeable and sometimes precocious.

White Knight

Lewis Carroll / The White Knight
Mid 30s/40s - Lewis Carroll, a whimsical character, more at home with children than adults. Kindly, but with a slight sadness to him. Playful at times, sorrowful at others. Ancient – The White Knight, creaking, slow, aged, sorrowful, pensive but fiercely loyal and chivalrous. He lives and dies by the Knight's code. Alice's constant companion.

White King

Papa / The White King
Mid 30s/40s - A well to do fatherly figure in both guises, but a fugitive through the looking glass, desperately trying to keep his head above water. He is a haunted man, on the run and desperate. He tries to keep himself together but is greatly in need of Alice's help.

Red Queen

Miss Prickett / The Red Queen
Mid 30s/40s - Miss Prickett, Alice's governess, is a strict authoritarian, no soft edges just utilitarian traits. A child should be seen and not heard and she will do everything to make sure this is the way things are. The Red Queen is tall, willowy, angular, spiteful, spoilt, bloodthirsty with a child like way of needing to be constantly entertained by ever increasing torturous means.

Tweedle Dum

Mr Dumble / Tweedle Dum
Mid 40s/ Indeterminate as the Tweedles - Mr Dumble, like his partner Mr Deedle, is a talkative lawyer who is always ready to argue a case whether there be one or not. Spoilt brats both he and his brother as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, always ready for a fight, likes running rings round people, a twisted double act, maliciously teasing and childish. Screeching and spitting, he and his brother, should have been put on the naughty step many moons ago.

Mr Deedle / Tweedle Dee
See above.

Mama / White Queen
Mid 30s/40s - Motherly and caring. As White Queen, a strong source of good advice though a little dishevelled by months spent in hiding. She is regal and benevolent.

Red King

Red King / Reverend Kingston
Aged / Mid 50s as Red King - he is sickly, weak and dreamy, but when the Red Queen's spell is lifted, he is strong, imposing and regal, with a booming commanding voice. As Reverend Kingston, he is aged and spends most of his time asleep in a corner.

Major Reddington / Red Knight
Mid 30s/40s - An imposing old soldier as Major Reddington. No nonsense, strangely enamoured by Miss Prickettt as they share a love of extreme discipline. Fiery haired and fiery tempered. As the Red Knight, he carries these traits with him as well as being extremely frightening as the Red Queen's second in command. He thinks nothing of endless executions.

Elderly Goat
60s - Cantankerous, creaky with a bleating voice. A complaining passenger who is always ready to point out wrongs.

Newspaper Man
50s - A deceptively 'normal' man who is prone to flights of fancy, which makes him like a flitting bird.

Train Guard
40s - Officious, busy, with a nervous tic that makes him sound like a train at times.

Mid 30s - A fairground barker. A showman.

Villager in Frabjous Day
Cornish village idiot. Slow.

Mid 60s -Elderly civil servant type. A Gilbert and Sullivan patterer.

20s/30s - A Glaswegian roustabout. Very sure of himself, puffed out chest and upright.

Mr Humphry / Humpty Dumpty
Mid 50s - Mr Humphrey is a rotund ruddy faced individual, a little full of himself. Humpty is a slightly mad egotist who is unbelievably fond of his own voice. If you have done something, he has done it faster, longer, higher, larger etc. He is on the verge of hysteria at times.

Ensemble of Chess Pieces, Villagers, Passengers