Reviews - Through the Looking Glass

"We had capacity audiences for every performance, and the kids had a blast. "
TONY ANTISTA, St Michael’s School, Tucson, AZ, USA

"Through the Looking Glass has incredible music that catches you ear and stays with you. This show was an incredible experience for our students and the adults who direct them! "
Rich Appel, Chilton Middle School

"We absolutely LOVED performing 'Alice', it is our most favourite show to date. The cast loved all of the songs. We had a really big cast, we added extra 'chess pieces' for most scenes and had a lot of guards for the red palace. I just wish you had more titles and then I wouldn't need to go elsewhere."
JODIE STOTT, All Saints Catholic High School, Liverpool, UK

"I just wanted to share how excited our entire cast and crew are to be performing THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS! As we are entering tech today, I wanted to personally express my appreciation to you and the creators of THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS for such a beautifully written and scored musical. My husband and I have produced 50+ shows over the last 10 years, and I am absolutely in love with this show."
Becky Saunders, Circle Theatre Company, Florida, USA

"Through the Looking Glass really is a lovely, content rich, well-packaged and produced show."
Peyton Martin, Northern Youth Theatre Company, Yorks, UK

"The company is very enthusiastic about Through the Looking Glass and they're really looking forward to performing it. Many have already tuned in to you website to listen to the songs, so we're expecting a lot of competition for roles."
Brian Boardman, Tread the Boards Youth Music Theatre, Arbroath, Scotland

"Through the Looking Glass truly is a magnificent show."
DR, Co Galway, Ireland

"Looking Glass helped us to secure a grant for a town-wide musical theatre project for our school and the local primary schools. The local councillors, head teachers and the community were blown away by the performances. I love the offering IT&M gives; in particular I think the recorded CD and the professional backing tracks are a fantastic resource."
JODIE STOTT, All Saints Catholic High School, Liverpool, UK